Attachment to Materials


Our Attachment to Materials can be that of great joy. But, it can also be that of great misery and pain. If our faith in materialistic things such as make up, protein shakes, shoes, car, and jewelry were as big as our faith in God, I could say that things would be better in our society. I’m not saying that Christians can’t have “things”, but when those things distract you from knowing God, it can be a problem. Plus, constantly having a need to buy things just to have them seems to be filling a void giving you a false sense of happiness. When what you have gets old, you try to fill with the stuff you buy but it’s no more than a black hole. To add to it, you are running up credit card debt, having next to no money in your checking and savings accounts, honestly, it’s almost like feeding a habit or an addiction which is the worst case scenario. In order to be closer to God and to understand his method, we must be willing to sacrifice time to understand his message. Now, nobody is saying become a stiff and just read the Bible all day and nothing else. But there is no question that many of us that claim the Christian faith must spend more time understanding the Lord. Simply put, there is too many misconceptions of who God is and what he is all about.

I will agree that God blesses us all the time but the representation of him shouldn’t be through anything we buy. It should be how we take the abundance of what we have and being able to provide it to others less fortunate. The perception of the church, especially the mega churches,  has become to look like a pyramid scheme where they take the people’s money and use it for their own personal gain and growth of the church. To those on the outside or even in the church they currently attend, it seems like a place of status, money, power, and titles, not a place of healing, love, and worship. Uncle Ben once told Peter Parker that “With great power come great responsibility.”, I wonder how much power we are giving our materials instead of our God.

Everyone is a Salesman

One of the ways humanity gets tempted so easily is the fact that we can actually see the things we desire. Example, once a year we get into the holiday season, that being Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which is considered the busiest shopping period of the year. A time where people are willing to spend hours in line to get deep discounts and are even willing to fight any customer that comes within inches of a precious item they want. Below is just a sample of what some of us are willing to do.

or this…

Truly these are times that we seemed possessed and not in control of ourselves. The Devil tried to offer Jesus the kingdoms of the world in the Book of Matthew. The specific text is chapter 4:8-10, and it reads…

“Again, The devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdom of the world and their splendor. “All this I will give you,” he said “if you will bow down and worship me.” Jesus said to him “Away from me, Satan!” For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.”

With the sales of Thanksgiving weekend, companies tend to offer us the richness of deals and advertise fulfillment with TV’s, game consoles, clothes, shoes, and even in brand new cars. The kingdom of God is so much more. Don’t you understand that what God can offer you is so much more than what is here on Earth? The joys of tangible items eventually fade away. But not only do they fade away, but they can bring us grief, hard ache, and separate us from friends and family.

The main point of staying close to God is to not be taken by the temptations of this world. Granted, we need things like food, clothing, water, a car, a house, etc. But to overindulge and consume too many of these goods can hurt or even destroy us, which is just what the devil wants. The less you are connected to things of this world, the more you will see clearly of what God has in store for you. Even if you have been sucked in by the materials of this world, it’s never too late to get pulled out.



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